Foreigners Speak Slovene
Foreigners Speak Slovene
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  • tolstoyed
    tolstoyed Day ago

    i agree with most of your observations except for the lack of cultural events, in ljubljana that is. my foreign friends from much larger cities are always amazed at the amount of stuff we get to see/experience's annoying for non ljubljana residents but then again it's a small country

  • Striker YT_01
    Striker YT_01 9 days ago

    You forgot about Čukova jama but it isn't in Kranj

  • Rana Banana
    Rana Banana 11 days ago

    I live in Australia and I love bučno olje. Thankfully I can order it through a Slovene lady in Queensland that imports the oil from Slovenija. My other favourite things are Cockta and Kiki bonboni

  • Mitja Podpečan
    Mitja Podpečan 12 days ago

    Tjaša, to je ljubljansko narečje. Drugi dve punci sta razumeli pravilo.

  • Dominicana en Eslovenia

    Me encanta Eslovenia. 🇸🇮

  • Jeet Singh
    Jeet Singh 13 days ago

    Its a great two lovely ladies have packed in a lot n wrapped it in your charm

  • ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ 17 days ago

    That Slovene is much more physical when speaking, just like the Italians.

  • Ondřej Matějka
    Ondřej Matějka 20 days ago

    Jak je Slovensky Slovinka? Asi taky Slovinka ne?

  • Vendetta
    Vendetta 29 days ago

    Slovinsko je pekná krajina a rozumiem im tak isto jak polakom

  • Jakub Wierzba
    Jakub Wierzba Month ago

    In Poland the world ,,jed’’ witch is similar to polish word ,,jad’’ that means ‘’venom’’ :D

  • Gordok Destroyer of Worlds

    people being right wing is not a con.. it's a massive pro, right after you say 'its super safe' is a pro - what do you think left wing countries are right now? Mass sexual assaults in germany and you think "walls" is a bad thing?? hahahah

  • ukkr
    ukkr Month ago

    Just a friendly word of advice, for anyone that is white that wants to go to South Africa. FORGET IT! The people currently in power HATE whites, and want to kill all of the ones there, or at least just take everything they have. Margaret thatcher once said that the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money. She forgot about braindrain also. S/A now has problems with both, even as the population has skyrocketed. Recently, even the tap water is so heavily contaminated that some have died from it. Yeah, I wouldn't trust ANY place in africa from what I have seen and heard.

  • Tanveer Chheena
    Tanveer Chheena Month ago

    Another question, is German language we have to learn or Slovenian, which is more in use,if we visit there...??

  • Tanveer Chheena
    Tanveer Chheena Month ago

    You guys are really awesome videos, please try to show the more restaurants and work opportunities for the student's.✌️✌️👏👏👏 good job friends.

  • Deepa Das
    Deepa Das Month ago

    I am an international student.. can you pls help me to find out a job in Ljubljana

  • Mikołaj Bojarczuk

    I'm Polish and I understand 70-90% of Slovak! Slovene I understand slightly less as the language derives from South Slavic, unlike Polish and Slovak which are of West Slavic origin. This video helped me a bit with getting more confident in Slovene as it's one of the Slavic languages I hardly learn in comparison to the ones more similar to my native Polish so, again, thank you for your support!❤️🇵🇱🇸🇰🇸🇮

  • Crayze Lad
    Crayze Lad Month ago


  • Noureddine art
    Noureddine art Month ago

    Could I find job ? , I have tourists visa

  • Noureddine art
    Noureddine art Month ago

    Could I find job ? , I have tourists visa

  • martin novak
    martin novak Month ago

    I understand your point of view few times you were wrong due of not knowing the background...but few observations made me think...about e shops you wrong there are a lot of them just Google ...thank you for making this video...we need a mirror to see yourself in it

  • Stanislaw II
    Stanislaw II Month ago

    Am I the only one that I think Slovenian language completely stands out from Slavic languages? It sounds like mix of Portuguese and Romanian.

  • Maruha Starshaya
    Maruha Starshaya Month ago

    Sraka in Ukrainian and Russian means Ass :D

  • женя
    женя Month ago

    Ahoy????? Cmon now. Seriously:)

  • H S
    H S Month ago

    Ja russkij. Rozumeju Polsku 75%, Slovacku 60%, Slovensku 45%. Czuda nema :)))

  • Dorota Štern
    Dorota Štern Month ago

    Dobre jesteście! Ale się uśmiałam!

  • anonimus nothing
    anonimus nothing Month ago

    kaj po 2 letih ?? tako ODLIČNO govoriš Slovensko, moje čestitke!! vsaka ti čast !!! Veliko tujcev je lenih pa se po 5 letih ali 10ih ali več letih ne znajo skoraj nič po slovensko povedat. Ti pa v 2 letih tekoče govoriš kot da bila bila v Sloveniji rojena in hodila v slovenske šole. Res je tipična stvar v Sloveniji so dialekti, ampak nima veze, tebe bi vsak v Sloveniji razumel. Tebe in tvoj video bi bilo potrebno uporabiti za integracijo tujcev, ker ti si lahko vzor vsakemu tujcu tukaj. Sploh nevem kako dolgo bi rabil povprečen Slovenec ali Slovenka kateri bi se preselil na Slovaško, da bi tako tekoče govoril Slovaški jezik kot ti zdaj tukaj govoriš Slovenščino, še enkrat vsaka ti čast punca, kapo dol pred teboj ;)

  • 84n70
    84n70 Month ago

    Im from Prague and im in Slovenia for two weeks now. The country is really beatifull and i love the architecture, art and eko mindset here. But when it comes on people it is not so enjoyable. Just like u said the people here are very closed. Its very hard to find people just smiling on you for nor particural reason, maybe just make life better for each other. And when comes on people working or just remaining in tourist locations they are often almost rude, giving wrong informations just to get rid of and in overall acting like dont like me (and not only me i saw them acting like this on others people too.) People in here seems just to have lack of hospitality to visitors. Every small thing must be paid.

  • eyeprod
    eyeprod Month ago

    I was very pleasantly surprised in Slovenia. I loved it! Enjouyed a day off in Ljubljana while on a tour and definitely want to go back. The cleanest country I've seen, and such a great location near Italy and Croatia. We also stayed a night in Jesenice at a neat little resort.

  • Ana K.
    Ana K. Month ago

    I'm Slovenian and also love pumpkin oil (bučno olje), especially in salad. But I don't put it on ice cream and never tried to do it. :D

  • Polarcupcheck
    Polarcupcheck 2 months ago

    Is that cousin of canoli?

  • Stingy Jew
    Stingy Jew 2 months ago

    Are you dead?

  • Om Sai
    Om Sai 2 months ago

    I coming in Slovenia

  • Scarlet Cold
    Scarlet Cold 2 months ago

    It's a pretty safe country with low crime rate. Unfortunately most crimes and abuse happens inside families. Many things could be better but look at it in this way how lucky we are that we were born here...what little chances we had to be born amongst 2 million people compared to 7 billion. Very lucky i would say!

  • zvocnikk
    zvocnikk 2 months ago

    Are you two a lesbian couple?

  • Forhad Hossain
    Forhad Hossain 2 months ago

    Hi how are you both of you

  • ridinwithjake
    ridinwithjake 2 months ago

    Love this. Native Polish speaker here and with minimal effort (spelling helps a lot) I understand both Slovak and Slovenian. (most of it).

  • leandoer
    leandoer 2 months ago

    people trying to protect country, woow so bad.. nobody wants those africans, they are forced up on us

  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski 2 months ago

    Slovene is hard to understand in oral form but it's significantly easier when written. Almost every word in Slovene exist in Polish but a) is written differently, b) it sounds differently c) may have shifted meaning.

  • aPPle 210
    aPPle 210 2 months ago


  • Forhad Hossain
    Forhad Hossain 2 months ago

    Please send me work permit

  • Forhad Hossain
    Forhad Hossain 2 months ago

    I like to working in Slovenia so can you help me please

  • RT
    RT 3 months ago

    can you help me for any work in your country

  • Polarcupcheck
    Polarcupcheck 3 months ago

    Bejz No! That is useful in America.

  • Polarcupcheck
    Polarcupcheck 3 months ago

    If someone Slovenian called me out for being from a worse country than Slovenia. I would say, of course, I am from the United States. In the 1950's and 1980's however, we would have given you a run for your money. Lets have a beer.

  • Maryla Rodowicz
    Maryla Rodowicz 3 months ago

    Polska 🇵🇱

  • sunil yadav
    sunil yadav 3 months ago


  • Upro 1
    Upro 1 3 months ago

    Im come from slovenija you two are realy good to say in slovenija lep pozdrav 😂

  • Didi Miss Take
    Didi Miss Take 3 months ago


    • Didi Miss Take
      Didi Miss Take 3 months ago

      They choosed so strange sentences and I am from Slovenija and I saw a mistake. She said one word in singular but wrote it in plural.

  • Nosy Rosie
    Nosy Rosie 3 months ago

    The bank must be try to hide information from other officers and federal agents in other countries. When the lights are on. Others can see.

  • Life is beautiful
    Life is beautiful 3 months ago

    First time seen that kind of briefed video

  • InfiniteUniverse88
    InfiniteUniverse88 3 months ago

    I like the blondes personality. She's beautiful too.

  • Martyn Hayes
    Martyn Hayes 3 months ago

    Lovely. Does it snow on Ljubljana in December?

  • Eugene Karaoglu
    Eugene Karaoglu 3 months ago

    As for the native speaker of Ukrainian Polish is about 95%-99% understandable for me... Slovakian - 75%, Slovenian is about 60%! I do understand Polish, can read Polish texts and speak it (after the short period of the total immersion into it)! Thanks for this video! Please do the same with Ukrainian, Polish and Serbian (or Bolgarian) languages. Also interesting to compare pure Belarus to Polish! Thank you, ladies!

  • LIA G/V
    LIA G/V 3 months ago


  • Ekim Aulthar
    Ekim Aulthar 3 months ago

    "Banking services" "stores" I don't remember which side of the 'Iron Curtain' Slovenia was on. My brother's boss is a circa 1980's Russian (as in *soviet* mind you) immigrant. The guy has, let's just say, *not* the best business sense...

    • Ekim Aulthar
      Ekim Aulthar 3 months ago

      "Slovenians think Slovenia is the best country in the world" wow; that's totally unique to Slovenia, isn't it. [americanflag.jpg]

  • Jernej Cesar
    Jernej Cesar 3 months ago

    Може ли да караме кола без масло means "can we drive a car without oil" in Bulgarian. What does it mean in Serbian?

  • Sister Daisy The best person in the world

    Oh,my god!You came to singapore!I also like this country!

  • Aleksandra Banasik
    Aleksandra Banasik 3 months ago

    I'm Polish and I was crying for all the time, thanks soo much for this!

  • Don Brasco
    Don Brasco 4 months ago

    tjasa super si dobra i svidjas mi se ako vidis ovo mozes mi se slobodno javiti pozdrav iz Srbije x)

  • bbzzykkuu
    bbzzykkuu 4 months ago

    I won't eat chicken any more:)

  • Gregorio Ames
    Gregorio Ames 4 months ago

    Thanks. Interesting and amusing. I've been here a long time and am married to a Slovene. I love it here. However, I do have to say, there is definitely racism and religious intolerance out in the villages.

  • Mitja Irsic
    Mitja Irsic 4 months ago

    Totally skewed, because the Slovenian lady is talking in a heavy dialect and is needlessly trying to be funny and charismatic with atypical language patterns (while not succeeding to be funny nor charismatic - just forced as fuck) .

  • Paul Vavken
    Paul Vavken 4 months ago

    Govorite bol počasi prosim

  • Gaj Cupač
    Gaj Cupač 4 months ago

    I leave in kranj

  • Haus of Eva
    Haus of Eva 4 months ago

    what made you guys move there is there a video about that

  • Paulie Richer
    Paulie Richer 4 months ago

    tá igleitka by bola lepšie preložená ako plastová taška nie? :D "plastic bag" = "plastová taška" či? :D

  • Sir Diealot
    Sir Diealot 4 months ago

    Greetings from Carinthia. I have a Slowenian phrase in mind but I don't know for certain what it means nor how it's written, maybe you can help me figure it out? It sound something like "Chep pochasne". I found the word "počasen", which means "slow" in a dictionary and that chimes with what I think the phrase means, something like "slow down" or "keep calm" I guess.

  • daidabus
    daidabus 5 months ago

    both pica and cheese burek are pitas . not burek

  • Beryl9 Beryl9
    Beryl9 Beryl9 5 months ago

    The Word "Kupa" in Polish language also means "Heap"

  • Beryl9 Beryl9
    Beryl9 Beryl9 5 months ago

    Fukać in polish also mean BLOW.

  • Gregorio Ames
    Gregorio Ames 5 months ago


  • Republic of Slavistan
    Republic of Slavistan 5 months ago

    Slovenia is the greatest, no question about it.

  • Sane
    Sane 5 months ago

    Interesting languages, but Polish language seems just so...impossible to learn as a Finnish person. Thanks for the video though, love from Finland!

    • მე მარია
      მე მარია 4 months ago

      Sane moi. Jos haluat, voit opiskella puolaa ))Olen varma etta voit . Mina en usko etta kieli on niin vaikea. 👍👍💪💪

  • Enes Tekin
    Enes Tekin 5 months ago

    I'm studying in Poland, and I have met the people who have prejudices for Slovak language. I would say Polish was too hard, but now I've realized at least Polish has distinct structure in grammar

  • Dominik Krzemiński
    Dominik Krzemiński 5 months ago

    Ale tak czy tak każdy Słowianin ze Słowianinem się dogada trzeba pomyśleć wolny po polsku po rosyjsku swabodny itp Słowianin mimo ze nie zna języka zrozumie o co chodzi

  • Tobiáš Šilhavík
    Tobiáš Šilhavík 5 months ago


  • David Malnarič
    David Malnarič 5 months ago

    faci sta ;)

  • Monika Banaś
    Monika Banaś 5 months ago

    What can i use insted of soy sauce? Is it necesary?

  • David Malnarič
    David Malnarič 5 months ago

    Super govoris slovensko 😀👍👍

  • Paty L
    Paty L 5 months ago

    Cítiš sa niekedy ako igelitka... Lol😂

  • Slo Sova
    Slo Sova 5 months ago


    JAMES SIM 6 months ago


  • shinnyspace
    shinnyspace 6 months ago

    Pršut Kras

  • shinnyspace
    shinnyspace 6 months ago

    Prekajena gorenjska zaseka Mlinarič

  • shinnyspace
    shinnyspace 6 months ago

    Ašičev jabolčni kis

  • y97481138
    y97481138 6 months ago

    A basic linkedin job search or glassdoor to use as references, gives you a pretty clear idea that finding a (good) job in Slovenia without speaking the language or Serbo-Croatian - since their business sphere evolves around the Balkans to a great extent, has chances close to winning the lottery. Needless to say that a technical/non theoretical background is a great passport to any country in the world - very general comment you make on this, the same accounts for languages. I understand from your t-shirt that speaking Czech or Slovak (or both), is a distinct advantage in learning the language much easier there. On top of all, the county is very expensive, rediculously priced accommodation in LJ - as if you are in another European metropolis (justifiable by inadequate supply), and very high taxes - yet another thing to consider (I know of cases where senior level management applicants decided not to move due to this very reason). Multinational companies are almost nonexistent and have moved to other cheaper labour countries and with a better inverstment environment - Poland, CZ, SK, SRB, HU, etc...It seem that Slovenia ia not very keen on doing the same - I do not comment whether this is right or wrong. Bitcoins and startups is something positive and as you say your own business may work out, diffcult though again. Final thing I need to mention, that it is also a very expensive destination to fly to (sometimes better to go to Trieste or Venice or Zagreb). Other than the above, the standard of living can be very high provided you are doing well financially - very safe, very green and literally 0 pollution, well connected by vehicle (trains are a nightmare), active lifestyle , cool and relaxed people - from their ex YU heritage, with an Austrian twist and organisation. My two cents, I know the place pretty well. Still looking for a job there if it ever shows up :) For now, elsewhere in Europe. Cheers.

  • JC
    JC 6 months ago

    hello lovelies! thanks for this video. ill be moving to Slovenia within this year . However, Im worried if i can't make friends there. Is there any meet ups or groups i can build friendship with expats or locals ? reply would be appreciated. TIA :)

  • Ludmila A.
    Ludmila A. 6 months ago

    I'm seriously considering moving to Slovenia and i'm very scared of what is going to be like because i've never been there before and this video made me feel waaaaay better about it.

  • Slovenian Girl Abroad
    Slovenian Girl Abroad 6 months ago

    Excellent guide Anika! I have never been to Kranj, but you made me curious to explore it the next time I'll be in the area. :) PS: Wondering where are you hiding. Missing your videos. Hope you're both well. :)

  • Robinson Thankdiakkal Joseph

    Am a software programmer, thank god, i job there :)

  • Ivan Lopez Gomez
    Ivan Lopez Gomez 6 months ago

    Hudo girls !

  • memoengland
    memoengland 6 months ago

    Always wanted a wife from Slovakia dough I am polish. The reasons why? Simple, everytime I get back from work no matter what she would always bring smile on my face with her accent. Perfect solution for happy marriage

  • patel nilesh
    patel nilesh 6 months ago

    Details ?

  • Science Lover
    Science Lover 6 months ago

    You should go on English or Slovak fast

  • Science Lover
    Science Lover 6 months ago

    Actually ajdin kruh kinda makes sense but ajdov kruh is right

  • yco67
    yco67 6 months ago

    after hearing its hard to find a job = disappointment..

    • Ladida386
      Ladida386 13 days ago

      Even if you are a Slovene it can be hard to find a proper job, but to be honest, it's all about luck. If you find an employer who will see your potential, then it won't be a problem.

  • Tadej Kleindienst
    Tadej Kleindienst 6 months ago

    As a person who was born in Slovenia and now lives in amazon prime and amazon fresh?😂

  • SurMikas[PL]
    SurMikas[PL] 6 months ago

    Laske - has a different meaning in Polish...

  • bromar
    bromar 6 months ago

    Huje ( dicks ) po słoweńsku znaczy gorzej ?

  • brecheezer
    brecheezer 7 months ago

    300 euro a month for health insurance if you're self-employed? so my husband and I both being self-employed would pay around 600/month?