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GTA V which is the best Bus
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  • Jonas Lyth Jørgensen
    Jonas Lyth Jørgensen 7 minutes ago


  • Pipi Pupu
    Pipi Pupu 38 minutes ago

    Gta lcs: :(

  • Chillin Mudflap
    Chillin Mudflap Hour ago

    I’d say the dukes would be better compared to the insurgent. They both aren’t really bulletproof but explosive proof, they both are heavy but have a lot of torque, and can ram through

  • carlos CRACK
    carlos CRACK Hour ago

    Faltó el deveste

  • CopyCatMan
    CopyCatMan Hour ago

    This is modding, not hacking.

  • Yeet Master
    Yeet Master Hour ago

    Until Avon showed up

  • Yeet Master
    Yeet Master Hour ago

    We all knew devin was going to win

  • OG _Killer
    OG _Killer 2 hours ago

    T20 maclaren ph1 and reaper a Lamborghini aventador And zentorno is lamborgini veneno roadster

  • kay ho
    kay ho 2 hours ago

    Akula Barrels?

  • Muhammad Ilhan Mikhail Mohd Nasir

    T20 - mclaren p1

  • ReflexB4SS
    ReflexB4SS 3 hours ago


  • GuerillaSalo89
    GuerillaSalo89 3 hours ago

    Why there isn't sea sparrow? It can be fitted with continuosly firing homing missiles or .50 cal minigun. Much effective than a buzzard and it can land on water.

  • hacker gamer
    hacker gamer 3 hours ago


  • gregory lawrence
    gregory lawrence 3 hours ago

    Depends on the race...but in transform races it’s still Vagner imo...the vag corners like magna-traction...D8 is good on straights for sure...but it didn’t serve my purpose...I sold it...but mostly I couldn’t stand looking at it..yuck.

  • valentina zevanya
    valentina zevanya 3 hours ago

    GTA sa is the best

  • Adam eben
    Adam eben 3 hours ago

    Am beginning to love kreger

  • Kikiam Gaming
    Kikiam Gaming 3 hours ago

    R.I.P. to the ppl died because of this experiment.

  • DMX Lasxhxdivids
    DMX Lasxhxdivids 4 hours ago

    It's actually pretty cool that a game allows you to replace everything from the tires to the vehicle itself used in any mission by simply changing xml files.

  • Xziznoel
    Xziznoel 4 hours ago

    Dude nice videos but the tests should be done 1 by 1 and not 6 next to each other

  • CARWD World Motor Deutsch

    Ferrari F12 berlinetta but Zagato GT R Nismo R35 but Toyota FT 86

    DRAGON DAVID 5 hours ago

    I love deluxo💗💗💗

  •  5 hours ago

    The two most used cheats on the GTA history would be Leave me alone And Hesoyam

  • AD TV
    AD TV 5 hours ago

    Hey who told you that GTA Ssn Andreas did not the Sentinel?

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE 5 hours ago

      read pinned comment

  • Flappy Dragon
    Flappy Dragon 7 hours ago

    Who else got this game on Xbox one before you had to pay for it and now is so happy they don’t have to pay

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE 6 hours ago

      what do you mean... is this free on xbox one?

  • Jeremia Nwanna
    Jeremia Nwanna 7 hours ago


  • Heavy spy
    Heavy spy 7 hours ago

    The Cerberus vs fire truck Because one have a flame thrower An the anoter a water cannon

  • Mareno25
    Mareno25 7 hours ago

    The Brawler is the best one bc if you got enough speed on your way into the water it starts floating

  • Mnl48 And Akb48 Fan
    Mnl48 And Akb48 Fan 7 hours ago

    Don't forget The Hovercraft

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE 6 hours ago

      not in this game bro...

  • Артём Кацубп

    О шаха (чебурек)

  • 150 Abonennten ohne Video Challenge!

    Hmmm are you sure about the akula and hunter? In my opinion the Hunter is faster because the Akula has high vertical speed and is bad in a straight line...

  • Adam Spitfire
    Adam Spitfire 9 hours ago

    i think the impaler is an oldsmobile F85

  • Alfie vlogs 9000
    Alfie vlogs 9000 10 hours ago

    Insurgent : usual armored off-roader Karuma : good grinder , good performance Duke : better or worse than karuma , in certain situations Nightshark : better than standard insurgent , worse than the pickup/custom

  • Sharon McFadden
    Sharon McFadden 10 hours ago

    I have a Lamborghini in real life

  • Galuxii
    Galuxii 10 hours ago

    6:42 3th place?

  • SaintMarneusCalgar
    SaintMarneusCalgar 10 hours ago

    Horrible music annoying fast forward annoying horn an light shit.. without that stuff this video would be nice...

  • dj_sunrize bandlab
    dj_sunrize bandlab 11 hours ago

    Is no one gonna point out that he or she who made this video can not spell mclaren

  • William Best
    William Best 11 hours ago

    The APC actually goes through the water faster if you get a run up to begin with.

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE 9 hours ago

      Yup it's top speed is little faster than technical in water as you can see in drag race, It almost catch upto technical.

  • Matteo Schiazza
    Matteo Schiazza 11 hours ago

    5:21 is actually based off a McLaren P1 Good Vid tho

  • Tinor
    Tinor 12 hours ago


  • Epotheros
    Epotheros 12 hours ago

    The Duke was my go to vehicle in free roam for a while until I was able to upgrade to a Buzzard. Sadly the Buzzards got shelved to for an Oppressor Mk. II as my main way to get around the map.

  • elulius2.0 :D
    elulius2.0 :D 12 hours ago

    I think the virgo its based onthe cadillac deville

  • RedLyfe Woop
    RedLyfe Woop 13 hours ago

    I've only bought two of Benny's Kars for the look only... The Donk nd the Paul Walker joint.. Bt other than that, it's all the same to me

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover 13 hours ago

    Cj is best

  • Tuan anh
    Tuan anh 13 hours ago


  • Desert Foxchild
    Desert Foxchild 13 hours ago

    APC for the win!

  • Markus Bester
    Markus Bester 14 hours ago

    Yosemite is basically unmatched if u do it properly

  • Luicho Mx
    Luicho Mx 14 hours ago

    Epic ending

  • Xstremz
    Xstremz 15 hours ago

    Anyone notice that the birds seem to be taking a shit like every 5 seconds

  • green house
    green house 15 hours ago

    you forgot the skull bike.

  • Octo Joe
    Octo Joe 15 hours ago

    4:23 it’s supposed to be 3.5 not 7.2 who else noticed that?

  • Samuel Aguirre
    Samuel Aguirre 16 hours ago


  • Jonathan Gadzini
    Jonathan Gadzini 17 hours ago

    “Auto exotic fixing station” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kick the goths
    Kick the goths 17 hours ago

    I have them all

  • Ramon 123
    Ramon 123 17 hours ago

    The Thrax is a Bugatti Divo, not a Chiron.

  • The Phenomenal Me T
    The Phenomenal Me T 17 hours ago

    You have made some big mistakes with the sentinel mistake one you left out the SA model of it mistake two in the preview of the gta 3 model it says blista instead and mistake number 3 there is an alt version of the model in GTA 4 which is a semi modded version with a spoiler and back windows covered with blinds and custom carbon wheels

  • Kosorou Kun Gaming
    Kosorou Kun Gaming 17 hours ago

    2:52 they are boats dude 👎

    BAD TIME TRIO CH 17 hours ago


  • Gaming God
    Gaming God 17 hours ago

    The deluxo should count it can hover on water pretty much a future hover boat

  • Sean Wisor
    Sean Wisor 18 hours ago

    Here's What's Coming: Bravado July, Vans 6 1st Gen, Dodge Caravan) Declasse Burrito Classic, Vans (1979-1993 Dodge Ram Van) Schyster November, Sedans (1998-2004 Chrysler Concorde) Shitzu President, Off-Road (Suzuki Samurai) Shitzu Congress, Off-Road (Suzuki Sidekick) Bravado Petunia, Sedans (1990-1997 Dodge Intrepid) Dundreary Iris, Sedans (1990-1996 Lincoln Town Car) Shitzu Bonfire, Compacts (2003-2005 Suzuki Twin) Schyster Columbia, Sedans (1995-2000 Chrysler Cirrus) Bravado Rainbow, Sedans (Dodge Diplomat Wagon) Schyster Sunlight, Sedans (Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country)

  • Jeffrey gomez
    Jeffrey gomez 18 hours ago

    They should do a tesla

  • Carmen Brenches
    Carmen Brenches 18 hours ago


  • Tj Ethan Angeles
    Tj Ethan Angeles 19 hours ago


  • Tyler Ty
    Tyler Ty 19 hours ago

    It only gives them better acceleration. They’re still not faster overall

  • Antun Maruvić
    Antun Maruvić 19 hours ago

    Make all gta vs real life car compact cars

  • The insane aerospace engineer

    I want them to add a McLaren 600lt lookalike, the "Progen 900 GT" or something like that

  • Quebecois Tbkk
    Quebecois Tbkk 19 hours ago

    Great Vids. It help me when purchasing vehicles

  • skankhunt42
    skankhunt42 19 hours ago

    I think the zentorno is an aventador

  • Katy Coronell
    Katy Coronell 19 hours ago

    Me gustó porque el camión protegia al 🚜👍

  • MuteVids
    MuteVids 19 hours ago

    Oppressor mk-2 cheat bc it already turn on boost when u press w

  • Thunder Powered
    Thunder Powered 20 hours ago

    The Reaper is more like the Huracan in my opinion

    • Thunder Powered
      Thunder Powered 20 hours ago

      The Reaper also is really close to the Gallardo

  • blah blah
    blah blah 20 hours ago

    Its not exact a lot of the cars got lucky and didint get high waves

  • MaybeTheKing
    MaybeTheKing 20 hours ago

    No body see that the coil voltic is acutely a Tesla roadster? (The first roadster) And zentorno is not a Lamborghini veneno ?

  • NilsoN Ribeiro Gta 5
    NilsoN Ribeiro Gta 5 20 hours ago

    Inovador o conteúdo desse canal

  • Shaiheim McRae
    Shaiheim McRae 20 hours ago

    the progen t20 is the mclaren p1

  • Michal Bucek
    Michal Bucek 21 hour ago

    Whats special on Dashound ?

    DUKEODEATH 21 hour ago

    duke o death is a MANLY ASS MAN and insurgent too

  • Lorenzo Guberti
    Lorenzo Guberti 21 hour ago

    11:51 GROTTTI😂😂😂

  • Will Pearce
    Will Pearce 21 hour ago

    how do u get like 90% of these cars lol they’re not in my gta 5

  • Schazmen Rassir
    Schazmen Rassir 22 hours ago

    I got shivers when I first saw the trailer. I can't wait! EDIT: Also, the 7th truck's semitrailer looks a lot like a blue metallic version of the Shalanda mod.

  • antsolja
    antsolja 22 hours ago

    i wish all bikes in gta handled like the manchez

  • antsolja
    antsolja 22 hours ago

    the hakuchou is a honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird not a suzuki hayabusa btw

  • antsolja
    antsolja 22 hours ago

    i think the best way to do this test would be to take away the vehicles normal top speed from its top speed over the curbs so your just left with the speed that the curbs add

  • antsolja
    antsolja 22 hours ago

    hod no idea the clique could do wheelies or that it was so fast, its not a supercar tho so idk why its included, also the rocket cars cant be used in races so theres not rly any point in testing them

  • antsolja
    antsolja 22 hours ago

    wow, i remember back in the day the vacca was the fastest car, how times have changed

  • antsolja
    antsolja 22 hours ago

    how convenient that my favorite is the fastest lol

  • Rydog5392
    Rydog5392 22 hours ago

    I'd say the faggio sport would be more like a newer.model Vespa.

  • Nolan Long
    Nolan Long 23 hours ago


  • Ruth Eisenberg
    Ruth Eisenberg 23 hours ago


  • Trey M
    Trey M 23 hours ago

    You used the wrong comet

  • Gacha For Fun
    Gacha For Fun 23 hours ago

    niko niko niko

  • Paul Iulian
    Paul Iulian Day ago

    Sentinel not Santinal

  • Alan Benedict
    Alan Benedict Day ago

    GTA SA Sentinel missing!

  • Maria Guelvenzu

    Votaré por el Deluxo porque me gusta y me lo quiero comprar

  • Will Chantler
    Will Chantler Day ago

    Vigilante did all the challenges in style

  • Hunter the Gamer

    The zentorno is a Veneno

  • Austin Huddleston15

    3:59 its the bugatti Vision not the Chiron

  • Michel Klein
    Michel Klein Day ago

    Where is the Overflod Autarch though?

  • Hangi Zoe
    Hangi Zoe Day ago

    I'm vote for scramjet

  • Jeff Horton
    Jeff Horton Day ago

    Did anyone notice that the song said f*****g 2:21

  • Dave-007
    Dave-007 Day ago

    MOC cab would have similar performance !