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    GHOSTDRAGON 8766 5 minutes ago

    I fear no man but that thing..... It scares me 10:00

  • Dark Pit
    Dark Pit 16 minutes ago

    Me&Pit: Were So d- *[1 Attack and Were Done For]* me: Oh come on *[I Vanish]* pit: I'm Finished.... *[He Vanishes]*

  • silent mastermind
    silent mastermind 18 minutes ago

    Kirby superstar is my first kirby my last is star alies i didnt find the blood battle scary i didnt even remember i didnt know it was bad in a kids game but i find marx scary when i was a kid

  • sugarxvenusೈ
    sugarxvenusೈ 29 minutes ago

    Hey, one of your videos appeared in a Chile thing:

  • SuperninjaYTbro
    SuperninjaYTbro 32 minutes ago

    How are there colocolors?

  • ꧁αlciσк꧂
    ꧁αlciσк꧂ 33 minutes ago


  • Kevin Mendez 28
    Kevin Mendez 28 43 minutes ago

    Hi guys I just wanted to report you (well not right now) because shataki needs to be done to get unbadmouthing and you others are responding to me so I really don't care about the badmouthing person so I know you guys think it is a clickbait but not for me so I really don't like the way you think it is possible that I can't even tell you how much I heard so please guys, PLEASE GUYS becareful with your mouth, thank you.

  • Mason Macdougall
    Mason Macdougall 44 minutes ago

    I think my games glitched bc i have done all the levels but i cant get on the balloon pls help

  • Red The trainer :u
    Red The trainer :u 53 minutes ago

    Theres a fact, and ITS that the villager Is frisk, the other villager with the sword would be chara, the sword would be the knife and the yellow pirhana plant would be flowey

  • Afurious Gamer360
    Afurious Gamer360 53 minutes ago

    No one is this dumb of course he can

  • Goku{ultra instinct}
    Goku{ultra instinct} 58 minutes ago

    Im not getting smash bros ultimate anymore

  • nintendofan19176
    nintendofan19176 58 minutes ago

    I hate you prosafia I simply hate you STOP SPOILING GAMES

  • WhiteBladeZero
    WhiteBladeZero Hour ago

    Oh, no! Look out, Crash! Mr. Hundred-Pounds gonna get ya! XD

  • spacegamer M
    spacegamer M Hour ago

    Unlocked all fighters and my favorite is lurcario

  • elmejoramigo2 TNT

    mario dead

  • Sans _Skeleton
    Sans _Skeleton Hour ago

    Of course I can

  • EdmacZ
    EdmacZ Hour ago

    >Uses Primarina >Female Prosafia knows what's up.

  • Tersa Viel
    Tersa Viel Hour ago

    *every bossfight has a epic bowser.jr scene at the starting.* *like everyone cares.*•_• 🙄 **New super Mario Bros WII or WIIU*

  • Tristan
    Tristan Hour ago

    10:07 so sad, in the trailer I was thinking it's was the come back of the lava boss from Kirby Crystal shard (Nintendo 64).

  • l SpoonX l
    l SpoonX l Hour ago

    Idk why The Galactica Knight Battles Make my Heart race

  • Mr Mobile gamer online

    Guys why is sans going on a killing spree I thought he was nice

  • gonzalo torchia
    gonzalo torchia Hour ago

    *Can Sans AND PAPYRUS defeat the entire Smash cast?

  • The True Lads!
    The True Lads! Hour ago

    "Yes! Finally about to finish the Giant Bowser battle once and for all!" (FAILS IN STAR DRIVER 20 TIMES IN A ROW BECAUSE OF POOR MOTION CONTROLS)


    I can't believe that sans is actually on smash smash

  • Flipper Jr.
    Flipper Jr. Hour ago

    4:07 Pit, what the fuck are you doing? Let go of the ledge!

  • Snes 13581
    Snes 13581 Hour ago

    The pokedex of SBU is Burger than the pokedex of Pokémon shield and sword

  • Vilatoro
    Vilatoro Hour ago

    He's not evil just misunderstood

  • Zeus channel
    Zeus channel Hour ago

    David Hasselhoff looks like a gorila

  • The True Lads!
    The True Lads! Hour ago

    Title : no damage Video : 6:20 (THIS IS A JOKE COMMENT)

  • MSkyEX
    MSkyEX Hour ago

    Where’s Diancie

  • Flipside Giratina

    Top 10 anime deaths 9:00

  • Michael Richardson

    Livewire sounds like beast girl from teen Titans go

  • Stips Chilan
    Stips Chilan Hour ago

    Me at first: What they actuallt made a fully fleshed out sans character you can play on smash?! Me now: *realizes its a costume for cannon mii* shit

  • Rice Chris
    Rice Chris Hour ago

    Even people say that superstar saga is a awesome game and it’s not dark but until they see this... 2:07 the damn middle finger

  • The Life
    The Life Hour ago

    Sooo.... Is galacta knight Kirby's first form and we've been playing as Kirby's second form? *Mmph neat*

  • Vampra Scare
    Vampra Scare Hour ago

    Does anyone feel that this game is better than the Original? There's way more excitement in these levels than the ones Nintendo makes.

  • Djik X - 93
    Djik X - 93 Hour ago

    14:10 Hungry? Then feast on this!

  • Max Alanis
    Max Alanis 2 hours ago

    My ears hurt

  • Kingboss7629 YT
    Kingboss7629 YT 2 hours ago

    The best Mario game I played was partners in time

  • Beggar's Bazooka
    Beggar's Bazooka 2 hours ago

    Thumbs up if you're under 18

  • Star Bird
    Star Bird 2 hours ago

    Everybody shut up. This is the best day of my entire gamer life.

  • Julian Farfan
    Julian Farfan 2 hours ago

    That’s impossible!!!!!

  • Torre Gamer
    Torre Gamer 2 hours ago

    12:48 What Nintendo see: Mii Gunner vs Marx What people see: Sans vs Jevil

  • Robert Johnston
    Robert Johnston 2 hours ago


    SON GOKU 2 hours ago

    KIDS :D!!!!

  • Nathan Mtz
    Nathan Mtz 2 hours ago

    To all you people that played the original version What was your reaction to bowser head getting blasted off his neck

  • Nell Aquino
    Nell Aquino 2 hours ago

    Mario is also a boss he played against yoshi

  • monkeegurl76
    monkeegurl76 2 hours ago

    Quick to get you back

  • Fran Law
    Fran Law 2 hours ago


  • raymond glover
    raymond glover 2 hours ago

    12:17 WOW 😱

  • JandersX18
    JandersX18 2 hours ago

    “Top five impossible jumps” makes every single one

  • Fur_S0m3
    Fur_S0m3 2 hours ago

    28:55 - 29:02 Mario: *THE SNIPER*

  • Berry Mwamba
    Berry Mwamba 2 hours ago

    how did you got likes?

  • 星空
    星空 2 hours ago


  • douglas botelho
    douglas botelho 2 hours ago

    Super Mário é bom...Mas esse negócio de tempo corrido limita a exploração da tela...😓

  • Aaron kogos
    Aaron kogos 2 hours ago

    Me I'm done with mental stress Cuphead laughs

  • Vaporwave64
    Vaporwave64 2 hours ago

    "The most interesting things you can do with Sans in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch." It's just a fucking costume for mii gunner. So stop making pointless videos, these poses are literally just the exact same as mii gunners, and there's nothing different. I don't get and understand how anyone can actually give a shit about these videos.

  • La Ranita Loca
    La Ranita Loca 2 hours ago

    When i saw Neo Geo logo, i though it was going to be Marco from Metal Slug

  • Creator Lunic
    Creator Lunic 2 hours ago

    Why do people forget about Mii Gunner?

  • Marvels Sherlock
    Marvels Sherlock 2 hours ago

    That’s all bosses?!?!

  • Lisa Portelli
    Lisa Portelli 2 hours ago


  • jjayg7
    jjayg7 2 hours ago

    Megalovaniafor sans

    • Sanman Fraz
      Sanman Fraz 2 hours ago

      look at my moast recent video I just figured out agsor is SpongeBob

  • GreenYoshi49
    GreenYoshi49 2 hours ago

    This is just mii gunners move set and other stuff but with just a sans costume

  • Iggy Tube
    Iggy Tube 2 hours ago

    This is just a mini fighter. But no affect my dude

  • Sayr Lescano
    Sayr Lescano 2 hours ago

    El video es muy entretenido le gusta ver esto a mi hermano

  • wizards578
    wizards578 3 hours ago

    As I thought not the true Sans character, only a skin for your mii They would not actually add Sans cause he is not a “Nintendo” character

  • James Nyugien
    James Nyugien 3 hours ago

    7:32 takes birdis bow off 🎀😆😆

  • Zeus channel
    Zeus channel 3 hours ago

    The animation is excelent but Jimmy neutrón looks like the boy of Arcor

  • Natividad Quiroz
    Natividad Quiroz 3 hours ago

    Pobre kirbyla que lo tratan mal😣😣😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Satteleview
    Satteleview 3 hours ago

    can we get to 6.9K likes that would be "nice"

  • Playlist P
    Playlist P 3 hours ago


  • Playlist P
    Playlist P 3 hours ago


  • Jaiken900 Pflucker
    Jaiken900 Pflucker 3 hours ago

    This is weird because everyone fought kukui and I fought Hau

  • Frisk Dreemurr
    Frisk Dreemurr 3 hours ago

    I'm hitting a block now! WATCH!!

  • Fe2Fanlol Fe2Plays
    Fe2Fanlol Fe2Plays 3 hours ago

    golden sans assist trophy

  • Aguest
    Aguest 3 hours ago

    The changes of voice had me chuckling. Like the first game he sounded goofy, and then the second one he sounded cool(Classic Spyro voice imo), third game kept the cool voice, 4th and 5th didn’t even have voicing, 6th had a very Sonic-sounding voice, 7th had voice chips, 8th.. nothing and what? 9th voice was pretty goofy again, 10th looks god awful and has no voicing again. 11th seems to have gone to a slightly more toned down cool voice, 12th uses the same voice, 13th is gone back to the sonic voice, same with the other skylanders games(also is hat Patrick Warburton with the sandwich?), and the reignited trilogy has a very classic sounding Spyro yet again.

  • Kirbstar King Of S U C C

    man I cant wait till this man spoils xenoblade to death when definitive edition comes out

  • Donovan McQueen
    Donovan McQueen 3 hours ago

    Meowser is my favourite Super Mario 3D World Boss and my favourite Super Mario 3D World Areas Bowser Land!

  • just something you see online

    Darn you did better then me

  • Nick YaBoi
    Nick YaBoi 3 hours ago

    It’s just a mii gunner great job PG you wasted 3 hours of you life

  • GojiraRising
    GojiraRising 3 hours ago

    Whenever I feel like shit, I come back to this & makes me feel all better.💜

  • Easily Amused Bastad

    Why doesn't he just make a whole army of fake goomba Bowsers?

  • Supreme Gangster
    Supreme Gangster 3 hours ago

    guys i am from the future it’s getting a ps4 remake

  • silvana diaz perez
    silvana diaz perez 3 hours ago

    Turtle of the year

    BRADWILD ROLDAN 3 hours ago

    Why is this a thing?!?

  • Mariocap4 Morales
    Mariocap4 Morales 3 hours ago

    ProsafiaGaming now you don’t like mario maker for the Nintendo 3ds?

  • Vanessa Slye
    Vanessa Slye 3 hours ago

    Bananas can't liter in the grown

  • Vanessa Slye
    Vanessa Slye 3 hours ago

    I love it

  • Velvet Coon
    Velvet Coon 3 hours ago

    The players defeated everyone not sans himself

  • Luisito XD
    Luisito XD 3 hours ago


  • kyle8603345
    kyle8603345 4 hours ago

    Wow 6.1m 2019

    HERNANDO GALVEZ 4 hours ago

    Cuánta violencia

  • FlamezOfDarkness
    FlamezOfDarkness 4 hours ago

    I havent seen anyone mention the P Balloon yet...

  • Grandma Tempo
    Grandma Tempo 4 hours ago

    I keep forgetting how seizure enducing most of these fights are.

  • Cindy Keth
    Cindy Keth 4 hours ago

    Boss 12 is baby bowser

  • Gio The unity
    Gio The unity 4 hours ago

    17:17 I guess areon hero/ galactia Knight light dusts away

  • Mr gamer Smith
    Mr gamer Smith 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who actually felt bad for bowser jr killing himself?

  • Lisa
    Lisa 4 hours ago

    No! He can't beat my boi pac man!

  • James Nyugien
    James Nyugien 4 hours ago

    Hey there body you look cut 17 sec (grows big) . GOOD GRIEF HES GIANT!!!

  • Mate_The_HedGeHog952

    i hate that we have sans in smash now