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Is Thailand still CHEAP?
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  • Thailand Bound
    Thailand Bound 4 hours ago

    Lot to think about at the end of the day

  • Ronnie O
    Ronnie O 11 hours ago

    This may apply to O with extension as well. see Integrity legal interpretation. I also read somewhere that Thai hospitals now are authorized to charge more to retirees. This would eat my insurance. Not happy about that. SEE: to make a mandatory health insurance and then authorize the hosptials to double charge foreigners who buy insurance is simply immoral. I view it as extortion. Imagine: I live here, I take care of a Thai woman, a Thai child abandoned by her father, a thai mother in law, and a Thai Father in law. This country then authorizes their hospitals to charge ME more for the same services? This is extortion. It may very well cause me to take my family - and all the funds I put into the economy, out. I would like to point out that there are approximately 5000 social security checks sent to Thailand from USA, add in the other retirees, and what are we at about 10,000 from the USA? There are 800,000 or more (not including any illegals) Thai living in the USA. Something the Thai Government should think about.

    • Ronnie O
      Ronnie O 44 minutes ago

      @Keyframe5 Thailand I certainly can appreciate the view that resources for Thai should not be taken up by foreigners in the category of tourist. But a retiree which has been invited by the Government of Thailand to remain in Thailand is a different matter. And Invited is exactly the word I should use. When a country creates a Visa category called retiree, or offers a one year perpetually renewable extension called a retirement extension, that is an OFFER which many have accepted. These people LIVE in Thailand. Having said all that, seeing that this is about public hospitals, I can understand that foreigners should pay a higher rate as they are not taxed in the Thai system. I do believe that so much of this could be streamlined if Thailand would simplify the process of getting residency. I have been here nearly four years now. And I face a strange dichotomy of difficuly being presented to me for staying here while being offered a long term Visa to continue my stay. There should be no worries for Thailand in these matters. If they have issues with foreigners simply cap the amount of persons allowed residency while offering a simple path to residency, and simplify other matters as well. Here is some things to consider: Does Thailand recognize that I pay the school tuition for a Thai citizen in secondary school? That I pay the health care insurance for Thai citizens? That I build a home for elderly Thai citizens who had the roof blown off their old broken down wooden shack? You see, THAT is the life many of us living here lead. While we have to constantly report our wearabouts, and pay double, while contributing greatly. As I said, there are nowhere near the amount of Americans living in Thailand as there are Thai living in the USA. Not talking about tourists. If Thailand wants to accomplish removing my contribution to the society over here, along with other expats who live the same as me, they are slowly working in that direction. The sad thing is that I doubt that is what Thailand has as a goal, but that is what is going to happen if they continue this way. Regarding tourism it currently accounts for between 18-20 percent of the total Thai GDP. That is not something to be called a burden. The bottom line is that here I sit, somewhat angry. That is not a good thing, as up until now I have been quite happy. Now I have concerns. That is not good for me or my fellow expats, or for Thailand.

    • Keyframe5 Thailand
      Keyframe5 Thailand 2 hours ago

      Yea that health insurance is confusing me. They should just make everyone over 50 yr old to have it and get it over it. As for the hospitals to charge more to foreigners, that only apply to public hospitals where most Thai use as it is cheaper than private hospitals. It appears to me the authority does not want foreigners to take up resources that are met for the Thais. There are going to be about 40 million tourists in Thailand this year, they know next year will be the same or more. Even with all the rule changes and an increase in prices and strong baht. People are still coming. Wait until they finish the high-speed rail that connects China through Thailand and through Malaysia. More Chinese will come. More rules to regulate foreigners.

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker Day ago

    Update on Health Insurance for OA visas. Please note this is only for Chiang Mai immigration. They have confirmed that any person who has previously held and OA visa and then extended it inside Thailand WILL NEED health insurance for the renewal. This means if you arrived 3 years a go on an OA visa and since then have been getting extensions in Chiang Mai, you will need to show health insurance at your next extension. For those that do not qualify for insurance or cant obtain it, your option is to leave and then reapply for a NON 0 visa and then get a 1 year extension based on Retirement. Please note that health insurance isnt currently required for the Non 0 Retirement extensions. For any questions contact

    • M H
      M H 40 minutes ago

      @Mike Parker Probably they just want the hospital bills to be paid, Maybe they would make an exception if you subsequently topped it up again, Who knows.

    • Mike Parker
      Mike Parker 51 minute ago

      M H Maybe but if one actually uses the 400K for a Medical Needs then that places the next Extension of Stay in doubt? Not suppose to let the balance fall below 400K during the year. I am not aware of any kind of exception for Medical Emergencies?

    • M H
      M H 18 hours ago

      @Mike Parker Maybe immigration made the 400000 baht minimum rule, so that there will always be money in your account for medical emergencies? That is the amount of medical cover they require. Co-incidence?

    • Mike Parker
      Mike Parker 19 hours ago

      Keyframe5 Thailand The money in a Thai Bank for Non Imm O is not supposed to fall below 400K during the year. Therefore, if a Non Imm O Ext of Stay person starts out at 800K at the beginning of the year of the Ext of Stay then he or she could only use half of the 800K for living expense and any Medical Services? I believe Health Insurance of some kind will be required for all Foreigners who are on long stay visa/Ext of Stays. The only question is when it will occur. The End Game has been to get money into Thai Banks and into Thai Insurance Companies. But I could be wrong as my time in LOS is soon coming to end. My current Thai Health Insurance(1 Million IPD coverage only) has an annual premium of 13,000 Baht. In order to comply with the new Health Insurance Law I would have to purchase a second Health Insurance Policy(400K IPD and 40K OPD) for over 40,000 Baht per year. I am not sure if it is worth it anymore? Many I have talked to feel the same way.

    • M H
      M H 19 hours ago

      @Mike Parker Yes, and I obtained it at Phuket immigration in Thailand. So hopefully I don't need health insurance with my next extension at Phuket immigration. But I can see there will be confusion and disputes as usual.I always end up arguing with them. Twice now already about the whole TM30 mess. Hate going to immigration.

  • Zaqueu Oliveira de Almeida

    Fala demais....

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  • Gary Tyndall
    Gary Tyndall Day ago

    Best restaurant I have ever eaten in is MK superb healthy food

  • _Fade-INK! _
    _Fade-INK! _ Day ago

    2:44 Wha??!!? What is that??

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    Later they will piss all the non thais off ,

  • Nicolas Balint
    Nicolas Balint 2 days ago

    Is your ladyboy budget exclusive?

  • Quentin Rufin
    Quentin Rufin 2 days ago

    What's your thought about TTM28/TM30?

  • Robert Williamson
    Robert Williamson 3 days ago

    So if you don't have health insurance...maximum stay is probably only short stay 30 days on a Tourist Visa... correct ? No more O-A long stay. (many older people on fixed retirement income simply can't afford both travel and health insurance. It's either one or the other....not both. And if they have a health condition over 65... might not be able to get insurance at all for any price.) Am I correct?

    • Keyframe5 Thailand
      Keyframe5 Thailand 3 days ago

      Go to the Thai website (mention in the video). Get the insurance policy by the Thai providers if you are too old or have precondition and can't get international insurance at home. The Thai insurance providers have no choice to accept you as this is the law.

  • Ben Person
    Ben Person 3 days ago

    Good INFO. But it is a Thai lawyers dream come true. Thanks for your hard work and research on this subject. Keep the IFO coming, very interesting.

  • Wutsa Hammerfir
    Wutsa Hammerfir 3 days ago

    Wow, what a hassle. I am staying in the Philippines and am very happy here. You could move to Thailand one day and you become ineligible to stay the next, they change everything so fast. "Farangs", or whatever insulting racist term they use for white foreigners, demand reasonable stability. Yes, "demand". People who hold the money can "demand" as the bureaucrats are about to see, I'm sure. Come to the Philippines! Thailand is a real mess for long stay expats and I think we will be seeing a lot of people from Thailand relocating to a country that treats it expats as they should. Historically, non-immigrant visas here become more lenient over time. In Thailand, it is the exact opposite, they become more strict over time. That is a terrible formula for retiring on a fixed income; Thailand gvt obviously does not want expats, just tourists that stay 30 days or less.

  • Ardent Fan
    Ardent Fan 3 days ago

    In Thailand, if you want to ride a scooter or to drive a car, you must employ defensive driving. Defensive driving is always checking the road environment for potential dangers as you drive. For example, before making any turn, to always check the rear view and especially the side view mirrors before making that turn. To always stop at road junctions, to look for the green light and to look around left and right before proceeding. It looks like the Thais are not taught these road skills, and if they were taught, they don't seem to care much to practice these safety procedures.

  • A M
    A M 3 days ago

    Thailand no place for old men

    • Robert Williamson
      Robert Williamson 3 days ago

      No place for old women either. Unless you're wealthy.... then they welcome old men and old women with open arms.

  • m sway
    m sway 3 days ago

    Is there a legitimate site for Private Hospitals there in your Country????

    • Keyframe5 Thailand
      Keyframe5 Thailand Day ago

      I made a list of some of the top private hospitals in one of my ebooks.

  • Gabriel Ganesa Mohan

    Thailand is so freaking expensive for holidays now ,Thanks to the overload of tourism..insane taxi prices $40 PER TRIP ...

  • James Fowler
    James Fowler 3 days ago

    I made the major mistake of buying a house in Huahin, Thailand in 2006. Believe me...the whole country is a sewer. Cross it off your list - Do it now!

    • john smith
      john smith 42 minutes ago


  • Fruit By The 6 Foot 5

    What area do you recommend for a fruitarian? I heard the fruit is amazing out here.

  • Ron a
    Ron a 4 days ago

    what's with the quacks using mallets and a chisel like tool banging on people? lol is that their version of a chiropractor? good to know there are quacks half way around the world haha

  • Evert Evert
    Evert Evert 4 days ago

    I'm a. Little bit confused So AO if applying in home country need health insurance. . If you apply in Thailand ,,converting, tourist visa Like 60day visa . To AO VISA In Thailand then no health insurance .??? Can you hear me a clearer picture of what you mean .thanks

    • Traveling man
      Traveling man 4 days ago

      After Oct 31 all new OA visa holders need Insurance but later all probably.

    • Keyframe5 Thailand
      Keyframe5 Thailand 4 days ago

      Watch this video

  • James Stone
    James Stone 4 days ago

    That s what we need in the uk. Stop all these tourist spongers

  • Al
    Al 4 days ago

    Interesting. Deffinately making it expensive for farangs.

  • Tashi Chodak
    Tashi Chodak 4 days ago

    The recent insurance notification very clearly indicates many times it is for the OA category only.

  • Nicolas Balint
    Nicolas Balint 4 days ago

    And what should be the point behind all this? Is it that the Thais simply want to cut off their own main income stream? (tourists) Or has George Soros & the nWo bought Thailand now, too? Because to me, it seems that you guys support the wrong team. The Illuminati will fully destroy Thailand with financial enslavement if you keep doing what they tell you. Do you support these criminals & their companies with their overpriced products? Or do you like to be slaves that much?

    • Robert Williamson
      Robert Williamson 3 days ago

      @My Road to Thailand Simple.... many retirees have the money to travel... but they don't have the many extra thousands of dollars in health insurance costs as they get older. And after a certain age....or medical condition.... it becomes impossible to get insurance. I've travel for many months at a time in Asia... but I get the cheapest seat on the airplane in Economy, and rent dirt cheap apartments in Asia. In the hot tropics I don't even use A/C... in order to keep my costs down. I only use a fan. And I live on street food. Staying away from three, four, and five star hotels and restaurants is necessary for me to keep within my budget. Insurance companies want thousands and thousands of dollars from me for health insurance....and many won't even cover me because I had a quadruple bypass... (CABG x 4) If I could afford the insurance.. I would have it of course. But it's either travel... or insurance..... one or the other. I don't have the income for both. Get it ? I guess smug people such as yourself with big fat bank accounts live in another world and don't give a damn about the rest of us. I could have said... "Well... I can't get the travel health insurance.... it's either too damn expensive....or I can't get it at all..... so I'll just stay home and not see some of the world before I die." "Just watch RU-clip videos of the world and dream." Instead... I'm living my dream.. I chose to do the travel...come hell or high water........ Too bad for the money sucking thieving insurance companies that hate old folks with health issues.

    • Greg M
      Greg M 3 days ago

      My Road to Thailand medical is cheap in thailand. Ive been cheated by travel insurance companies before. They will do anything and everything to try and find a way not to payout. Just because you are ‘covered’ doesn’t mean youre covered.

    • My Road to Thailand
      My Road to Thailand 3 days ago

      Why would anyone travel internationally without some kind of insurance? At my age (57) I don't leave home without it. 👍😎

    • Greg M
      Greg M 4 days ago

      Nicolas Balint its just insurance companies trying to make some extra easy money working with a government deal. Lets see what happens when a foreigner tries to make an insurance claim.

  • Xiu Be
    Xiu Be 4 days ago

    Did I hear you just say if I apply for an OA retirement visa in the USA and have more than 800k B. I don't need to have money in a Thai Bank?

    • Traveling man
      Traveling man 4 days ago

      You will have to fly back annually to get a new OA every year...maybe

    • Mr Michael
      Mr Michael 4 days ago

      That is accurate. You only have to have money in a Thai bank if you are doing a retirement extension of an existing visa.

  • Jomtien Dave
    Jomtien Dave 4 days ago

    Good thing I have a non imm o in my passport.... like most people on retirement extensions here.

    • Ronnie O
      Ronnie O 10 hours ago

      see integrity legal interpretation on this.

  • Tom Tapp
    Tom Tapp 4 days ago

    Not for retirees This is for immigrants applying in their own country

    • Mr Michael
      Mr Michael 4 days ago

      @Tashi Chodak Yes, I didn't say anything about an O visa, only O-A.

    • Tashi Chodak
      Tashi Chodak 4 days ago

      @Mr Michael OA category only. Not the O category.

    • Tom Tapp
      Tom Tapp 4 days ago

      Mr Michael read my lips: it does not apply to retirees or those married to a Thai woman who live here permanently.

    • Mr Michael
      Mr Michael 4 days ago

      @Tom Tapp You saying that it does not apply to retirees when it does apply to some retirees, is a source of confusion. A "retiree" can have an O-A visa or a retirement extension. I've had both and I know retirees with both. Some retirees permanently in Thailand go back to their home country to get a new O-A visa since they are going back to visit anyway, rather than get a retirement extension.

    • Tom Tapp
      Tom Tapp 4 days ago

      Mr Michael I am not wrong Retirees married to a Thai or not married and LIVING here in Thailand “permanently” do not fall in this category he speaks of. Individuals like you are the ones who cause the confusion

  • cjack202003
    cjack202003 4 days ago


  • Makoto Shimabukuro
    Makoto Shimabukuro 4 days ago

    Makes me wanna not come to thailand anymore, i heard that the insurance is around 1700 usd per year, thats too much.

  • pat
    pat 5 days ago

    My Thai wife said we can live there on $500 a month. That's if you have a house/condo already, perhaps a paid off car. Housing and insurance are going to be the big costs. Our base expenses in the USA are very high due to taxes and insurance and mortgage, about $3000 a month. Property taxes are over $400 a month in the USA. Thailand would be a lot more affordable for us where we plan to move.

  • Wutsa Hammerfir
    Wutsa Hammerfir 5 days ago Thailand for me! Way too much paperwork, fines...Philippines is just fine and Vietnam as well, Obviously expats are not welcome in the land of smiles lol.

  • Wutsa Hammerfir
    Wutsa Hammerfir 5 days ago

    Microsoft 3.1??? From 1994!

  • gk10002000
    gk10002000 6 days ago

    As of oct 31 2019, non imm OA retirement visa obtained in home country before going to Visa now Does require medical insurance in Thailand. New notice

  • Win Duncan
    Win Duncan 6 days ago

    I spend 6 months a year in Thailand. I usually spend around 55k/mo. I think the min I'd move on is 44k. That would basically give me 1k a day in the pocket after fixed expenses. PS, just found your channel and subscribed today.

  • Win Duncan
    Win Duncan 6 days ago

    TM30 is a pain. Everything you do at immigration will require it to be shown(vehicle purchase, license, real estate, everything that requires a residency permit). I know people that have been fined. I don't agree with your 20 people fined statement.

  • morten kristensen
    morten kristensen 6 days ago

    when married to a thai, how much does a long time visa cost. and if we we stay forever

    • dwynnell
      dwynnell 3 days ago

      morten kristensen you can get the husband visa, this also means you can get a stamp and grab a work permit. You’ll need all the right documents that you will have to walk through various administrative offices. You’ll need to appear and get a stamp every year at your local immigration office. I’ve no idea about the current costs, check the website of the Thai embassy of your local company.

  • Google One
    Google One 6 days ago

    Isn't this the biggest open joke amongst thais, western men travel thousands of kms to fall for the lowest of lows we don't want 555555555555

  • Google One
    Google One 6 days ago

    This is such good news!

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta 7 days ago

    i not pay family anythink, why pay,thai men no pay wehy foreign need pay, and my wife have lot better salary than me retiree salary have at month 5555 my wife have big boss goverment office and good salary and some own busines too in home. lot more salary than me have ;) i no need pay anythink she family,if family go ask give me money i say go to work i no pay anythink.

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta 7 days ago

    only total idiot pay to family lot money, family need go to work if need money. falang have him own money and thai have him own money falang no need pay all thai peoples life. only what him go food and all what need AC and elektric bill ,and water bill, but not all family all bill, idiot pay. foreign have stupid if stay live near family, take wife and move to far wife family have lot lot better and easy to falang if falang and his wife live ower 200 km far at family house.-

  • zeus9931
    zeus9931 7 days ago

    $ 800 means survival, but certainly not life

    • Nitinun Weerapantakul
      Nitinun Weerapantakul 4 days ago

      $1500 here enjoy my life to the fullest

    • Keyframe5 Thailand
      Keyframe5 Thailand 6 days ago

      I used to spend $3000 a month in Toronto Canada. And to me that was surviving. This video is not about showing off that one can live like a pimp.

  • Key Himself
    Key Himself 9 days ago

    Timestamp the thumbnail

  • 01DOGG01
    01DOGG01 10 days ago

    If you're going to Ko Larn, avoid Samae beach. It's packed with hordes of chinese. Nual beach is the quietest and you most likely won't be bothered by vendors either.

  • james dond
    james dond 10 days ago

    Pattaya, worst rat invested beaches ive ever seen and just a giant brothel, awful place.

    • Riscit'Alle
      Riscit'Alle 7 days ago

      Food is terrible too. Ko Samui was awesome though.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 10 days ago

    Thailand is good if you have almost no pension and not a lot of money and you don't mind living in a 3rd tier cheap location eating local food and not doing much. It's better than going to the foodbank in America.

  • Perpetually Flossing

    For a "regular Joe" the days of retiring in Thailand are gone (and by retirement, I mean cutting all ties and going all-in). There are so many better alternatives out there which happen to also be cheaper and more friendly in terms of visas. Most regular people would *probably* be better of staying where they are opposed to retiring to Thailand. Your best bet if you like the place so much is either extended stay (i.e. a long vacation) -or- a few shorter trips each year.

  • May Bae P.
    May Bae P. 10 days ago

    My mom and dad met each other when they both had less money ❤ that makes me proud to say that they love each other. I don't understand why western men search for true love when they are like 50 years old and ask teenagers out... when I was 18 an old man asked me for a date😑 wth!!! he could be my grandfather!!! Not everyone prefers money over love you know. I went to a German school and never want a rich man.

    • MutantAireo
      MutantAireo 7 days ago

      I respect your opinion May. These old men are old enough to be your grandad i mean wtf is going on in this world.

  • Críostóir Ashtin
    Críostóir Ashtin 10 days ago

    Koh Samui is so beautiful and so expensive.

  • highsoguy22
    highsoguy22 10 days ago

    why do you like to live in thiland..then your owned..i hope you will answer me..

  • Kelvin SC Tan
    Kelvin SC Tan 10 days ago

    Spending 100,000 bath a month is not within reach of most people. Without a job can u do that on a long term basis ?

  • Kevin cross
    Kevin cross 10 days ago

    Very good video,Mark has really hit the nail on the head, a real and genuine overview of the cost of living a good life in Thailand 🇹🇭 Best vid yet 👍

  • Rama Nathan
    Rama Nathan 10 days ago

    My comments are simple...."If you are in Rome, then behave like a Roman". Well each one have their own way of living. I would rather keep the money in fixed deposit in home country and draw the interest in the living country and enjoy life in some remove place where the environment is healthy.

    • Evert Evert
      Evert Evert 7 days ago

      Fixed interest at 1.5% ,,F*"K me you must be investing Billions of dollars in a falling banking system . Man you need to get some serious Financial advisor

  • totalpkg69
    totalpkg69 11 days ago

    we are the same

  • jim parsit
    jim parsit 11 days ago

    I am a local may I advise you that Thailand is not for SME but fun for cheap travel. You may lose your arms if you invest with local the reason are corruption in all levels and weak law. It is who you know, not what you know. The bottom line is all about money and that leads to some SE Asia nations Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Poor urban planning, pollution, and hygiene, but it is improving. Most visitors look for the experience, food, ugly city sightseeing, low life hookers, drugs, and criminals. Bangkok is the number one tourist 20 m plus p/y, I am wondering what is the main attractions? I hope that SE Asia can increase the quality of life when establishing quality education and leaders.


      jim parsit your knowledge and observation about the life in Thailand is very good. Good concepts and excellent advise to people thinking to move, invest or live in Thailand. People who wants to live in a third world country is because they have their reason and have chosen to give it a try. Unfortunately for some turns very ugly and for others very sad and for a few very happy. People needs to do their homework, investigation, research before taking such a big investment in their life, because they can loose it all. Thanks for sharing your candid knowledge with us, we appreciate your friendship. Enjoy your life in Thailand.

  • Jon Ross
    Jon Ross 11 days ago

    I'm a retired U.S. Military currently living in rural part of Thailand renting a local apartment for 5000 Baht a month, electricity and water are about 800-1300 a month. Phone/internet (40GB) bill is 587 Baht a month, Gym membership 1800 a month. Bought a used motorbike for 25 thousand Baht 3 years ago and still works great. Gas 160 Baht a month. Food, some booze and miscellaneous on average about 18-20 thousand Baht a month. So overall i'm spending about 40% of my retirement income and saving the rest every month. Once in awhile (2-3 times a year) i do go to other Thai cities and/or out of country to splurge depending how i feel.

    • Nomad Kickbox
      Nomad Kickbox 9 days ago

      Your should make a video - because the average income needed to live in thailand is $2,000 to $3,000 USD which is the average retirement income for retired US Soldiers or Sailors.

    • Tashi Chodak
      Tashi Chodak 10 days ago

      @Abdikani Hussein It won't matter. It is the same cost of living in all areas outside of the expensive city or tourist districts.

    • Abdikani Hussein
      Abdikani Hussein 11 days ago

      What town or village do you live

  • Just Me
    Just Me 11 days ago

    There are American cities you could live there for that

    • Keyframe5 Thailand
      Keyframe5 Thailand 10 days ago

      If you watch the video, he had his budget for prostitution.

    • Just Me
      Just Me 10 days ago

      @Keyframe5 Thailand i don't understand the question.

    • Andrew Small
      Andrew Small 10 days ago

      In the North of England you can also live for this money. Thailand is no longer cheap, and what i keep seeing is people from Tier 1 cities abroad with their outrageous prices thinking that Thailand is cheap. It isnt, there are better value places which - along with visa issues - is why Thailand is hemorrhaging western tourist/expats. I still love Thailand but i spend exactly the same in England as i do in Thailand on average per month.

    • Keyframe5 Thailand
      Keyframe5 Thailand 10 days ago

      You from total war?

  • 97carded
    97carded 11 days ago

    It's best to rent in Thailand. Any problem you can just leave.

  • Google One
    Google One 11 days ago

    "I'm a very boring person to hang around with" 55555

  • Cidron
    Cidron 11 days ago

    I am in Thailand six months of the year on an O-A visa. Mark should get some professional help with his substance abuse issues. I am an American too. Thailand is more than living on a bar stool, and everything that goes along with the bar life. He did say he goes out every night. Thailand is an adventure for me every day. The local Thai's are warm, and welcoming. I spend an average of around $2,000 + or - dollars a month. I stay in a nice condo, travel, cycle daily, and live a healthy life style. Life is good! Oh yeah, I don't live in Pattaya either. The key words here are living a healthy lifestyle unlike a majority (not all) of expats in Thailand. This guy Mark's living expenses are pathetic: lady drinks, smoking, going out every night, pay-to-play, and needing $500.00- $1,000.00 a month for entertainment - too funny!

  • Munawar Karim
    Munawar Karim 11 days ago

    I have your e-book. I had in mind to spend winters (November to April) in Chang Mai. But I learned about field burning that makes it uncomfortable because of the smoke. That pretty much discourages me. Recently I learned about field burning in Indonesia and the problems it is causing. Is there a possibility of reducing or banning this practice in Chang Mai? I would like to hear from you.

    • Keyframe5 Thailand
      Keyframe5 Thailand 10 days ago

      That's correct, the burning causing bad air quality starts around that time. But you might be able to avoid the bad air in November and December. I would avoid Chiang Mai from Jan - May. The recent fires in Indonesia only lasted for about a week and it affected the southern part of Thailand. It's hard to predict the air quality, but it's common knowledge by now the bad air in Chiang Mai from Jan to May but other parts of Thailand are hard to predict. It depends on where the wind is blowing. I regularly use a website to check the air quality.

    • Cidron
      Cidron 11 days ago

      @Munawar Karim- Each year is different in Chiang Mai reference the smoke pollution. I go else where during that time period. The Thai government acknowledges the problem they had last season, and maybe changes are in the near future. After all, it's having a negative effect on tourism- take care.

  • Paulie's Pistols Gun Shop

    Thank you for another great video,,,,, if you live like a Thai in Thailand then it is very cheap ,,, if you want to live like a westerner then just as much as in the west or more ,,, so why would you move there if you don't want to live like the locals? ???????

    • pat
      pat 5 days ago

      Live part-time Western, as far as food goes.

  • watermelon seedless
    watermelon seedless 11 days ago

    To me a very significant issue for not investing in Thailand is regardless of the visa you get one year, five year, ten year, every 90 days you have to ask immigration for permission to continue to stay. So in reality you only have a 90 day visa.

  • watermelon seedless
    watermelon seedless 11 days ago

    I'm single, food cost 4000baht monthly and alcohol about 8000baht monthly. He believes the price of his condo increased, that's fine, now sell it and see what you walk out of closing with in your pocket. LOL!!!

  • Erik Janse
    Erik Janse 11 days ago

    This budget sounds much more realistic than what you often hear on other channels.

  • Tashi Chodak
    Tashi Chodak 11 days ago

    The bottom line is regular folk, unlike a rich expat with business interests, must not look toward Thailand as an investment vehicle. As Mark points out in this email, you really need to consider or re-consider ever going "all in" in Thailand if you're looking at using real estate as an investment vehicle... as Mark's example illustrates. You cannot make money on real estate in Thailand. With maybe the exception of a wise investment at a beach location and generally speaking, Thai real estate does not appreciate much. The best example of this is any urban setting, like Bangkok, where there has been a glut of condos with no re-sell value at all. IMO, you can successfully live comfortably in a rural area, not being a party guy like Mark, on a low budget (not less than $2000.00 per month) once you get your housing settled. I have a "Thai Wife" Visa, which only requires me to show 40,000 baht per month income for my annual renewal (no need to leave any money in the bank) and have spent 200,000 baht for a piece of land, yes in my wife's name, and am currently building a final house (1.5 million projected budget rural Buriram province). It is a huge benefit to not have to take an interest mortgage loan from a bank to live in your house. I will literally pay around $50,000 total for my house. No further mortgage, insurance or property taxes to pay for moving forward. Mark will be paying his mortgage and home insurance and property taxes until he is dead. What is he going to do with the home appreciation value when he is dead? Just something to factor in when deciding costs of course. IMO, the two glaring issues that need to be sorted out are the ever changing uncertainties of annual VISA renewal requirements, which Mark seems to ration he will pay for with a 5 year VISA. I don't see how anyone can financially ration s pending 500,000 per year for a VISA you can get by simply showing 65,000 per month income on a one year retirement extension visa. And finally the health insurance difficulty when you get beyond the age of 65 is very important real issue.

    • Tashi Chodak
      Tashi Chodak 10 days ago

      @Jon Ross is Tom the channel owner? yes... He said 500,000 baht. Mark the emailer, is describing the Thai Elite Visa. 5, 10 and 20 year increments.

    • Jon Ross
      Jon Ross 11 days ago

      I thought Tom said "5 years visa for 500 thousand Baht"

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    JOE PHILLY 11 days ago

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    RAY RAY 11 days ago

    Buying real estate in a country where you are not a resident is unwise.

    • 97carded
      97carded 11 days ago

      Exactly. The best advice.

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 11 days ago

      @RAY RAY Yeah if the complex has at least 50% Thai owned then you can buy the condo and own it. But with various talks of changing retirement visa requirements still rather rent until you get a clearer picture of whats going on plus if you live further away from tourist spots you can negotiate cheaper rent, Which you cant do in Sydney Australia as it is one price no matter how short or long the rental plus one weeks rent is worth over one months rent in Thailand.

    • RAY RAY
      RAY RAY 11 days ago

      Paul Hart I think you are allowed to buy a condo which is unwise. Buying property in your wives name in a foreign country is not only unwise, it is insane.

    • Paul Hart
      Paul Hart 11 days ago

      you can not buy property in Thailand

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 11 days ago

      I think with talks of change on visa with health insurance but put on hold rather rent, Which gives you freedom to move around Thailand and if the SHTF you can leave anytime not tied down to place then trying to sell.

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      99Cheops99 13 days ago

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