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Don´t do this in UKRAINE!
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BIG Changes in my life...
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  • Christian Gabriel Viduya

    Hey dan, you inspire me a lot. You help me improved my self a lot and I wanted to thank you for that 💪🏻

  • aneta saro
    aneta saro Hour ago

    Poland is in CENTRAL EUROPE.The name EASTERN EUROPE come from the time when BERLIN WALL existed and Poland was behind this wall...

  • Akbar Rasoulzadeh

    Fucking punk

  • Josue Antoine
    Josue Antoine 2 hours ago

    I didnt know Spiderman is also tour Guide

  • Aaron Lamando
    Aaron Lamando 4 hours ago

    I'm going to the Philippines in couple months I'm going with my dad, I'm half fillipino but I'm 6 4 tatted up. All my cousins are saying I'm gonna stick out like a soar thumb. And they said the Shab problem is really bad there. And they keep saying for me to be careful, they would try to kidnapping my ass lol.

  • nicholas owens
    nicholas owens 6 hours ago

    seems very modern, and the people very friendly......

  • Rosa’s Cozy Home
    Rosa’s Cozy Home 6 hours ago


  • Monsieur P.
    Monsieur P. 7 hours ago

    Be careful with those tomatoes. We all love them but they're not that good for digestive health.

  • DeAd SkuLl
    DeAd SkuLl 8 hours ago

    Gotta say its the best video by far in terms of being helpful

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm 8 hours ago

    Ukraine pussy licious 😜

  • romel salaver
    romel salaver 9 hours ago

    surely phil. if u heard the name boracay you forget all the stress that u have, try to explore it.,

  • Joseph Candazo
    Joseph Candazo 9 hours ago

    Thank you for visiting Philippines. Hope you injoy

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M 10 hours ago

    Bro come to Boston next, easy trip from New York

  • Union Of Smart
    Union Of Smart 10 hours ago

    A like this viedio you very naice

    MINKY VERSE 11 hours ago

    What’s his nationality?

  • Cherry Ann Salimbagat
    Cherry Ann Salimbagat 14 hours ago

    Hi nice here in Philippines more beach here in the Philippines

  • Renata Ostertag
    Renata Ostertag 14 hours ago

    Thanks for telling us the story about how you met and also about your travels ! You're a really nice couple ! Wish you lots of luck !

  • Jessy James Briones
    Jessy James Briones 17 hours ago

    you did not visit the actual kawasan falls

  • Jho Ven
    Jho Ven 17 hours ago

    You missed the canyoneering, ur kawasan experience is not complete.

  • NIL Megh
    NIL Megh 17 hours ago

    You need to explore south asia.. ( India, Bangladesh, srilanka. Etc..) Then u will get the real cheap..

  • md929
    md929 18 hours ago

    I love the Philippines. The Filipino people are very friendly. I think I can speak their language very well. I need to learn how to say you are very pretty to a Filipina. I'm a Northerner.

  • yna domingo
    yna domingo 18 hours ago

    Takecare bro

  • Eduardo Quio
    Eduardo Quio 19 hours ago

    Hey, I have to say that this vlog is very informative for me, basically because I am going there very soon. Tips will keep me from paying scavenging fees that might ruin my trip. thanks a bunch

  • Christina Chee
    Christina Chee 20 hours ago

    U should have try to live in Williamburg area instead of Queen !

  • B Sartuulgiin
    B Sartuulgiin 22 hours ago

    “Can you speak Russian?”

  • José Alberto Bravo Sánchez

    Nice video dude!!! I'm ready to live in NY for a month as well. The only thing that I need is a Visa to travel to the USA.... lol

  • Charlierae
    Charlierae Day ago

    Those jeans she's wearing at at the beginning what brand like she was poured into those jeans .

  • Cristi Vlad
    Cristi Vlad Day ago

    You're getting the real experience bro!

  • Mon Pole
    Mon Pole Day ago

    nice Dany 😁

  • Anthony Makovietskiy

    Great job as always!

  • Arzoo Khatri
    Arzoo Khatri Day ago

    Travel to Nepal Dany.. it's beautiful Love your videos.. Love from Nepal ♥️

  • byron wheeler
    byron wheeler Day ago

    Very cool, Dany. Next time you're in LA, you should look into finding an agent and go on some casting calls. Could open up a whole new (or additional) career for you. At least, make some money stateside. Any one of your videos would be a great audition tape for an agent or a casting director. I have to believe the idea has crossed your mind. Go for it! Love the videos!

    • linguaste
      linguaste Day ago

      Listen to Byron, Dany. You should be a model. Preferably of swimwear 😘

    • byron wheeler
      byron wheeler Day ago

      @Dany #gotaworldtosee Commercials - TV...of course, this is something you could do in Germany or Ukraine just as easily. But if you were to spend a month in LA (like you're doing in NYC) why not use the opportunity. You could incorporate the effort into your videos - not overtly...you wouldn't want to be in their face with it. As you know, many Europeans - east and west - as well as Australians make it in Hollywood, with half the charm and charisma that you display on your video channel. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety could be a help with casting calls and agents. Again, I think your videos and your command of the English language would give you a leg up with agents. Whether you could just walk in to some of these agencies off the street...I don't know. I may be thinking too "old school." That said, with 124 thousand subscribers, you're doing just fine, and if an opportunity presented itself, I'm sure you would jump on it. In fact, given your success, I would be surprised if you haven't already made some significant contacts.

    • Dany #gotaworldtosee
      Dany #gotaworldtosee Day ago

      Not really something I really considered. What type of casting calls do you mean. Thanks for sharing 👍

  • Warlock 06
    Warlock 06 Day ago

    The blonde in the blue dress closer to the end is hot, as a matter of fact all of them are hot.

  • Adam Piel
    Adam Piel Day ago

    When I was in New York City for 8 days I stayed in a (Hostelling International) hostel. New York City has a lot of restaurants that are surprisingly not expensive. If you want to drink alcohol buy it from a liquor store and take it to your place where you are staying. Bars and nightclubs can be more expensive because you have to tip also.

  • Gemaima Pitong

    Go to Palawan.

  • Mr.V
    Mr.V Day ago

    I'm tall skinny dark hair 😂😂

  • pfwinbar
    pfwinbar Day ago

    Yep, NYC is a very expensive “town.” Avoid pizza - use you vegan protein. Stay healthy. Down in South Florida - we have warm weather. Come down get some sunshine. Cool stuff happening here

    • Dany #gotaworldtosee
      Dany #gotaworldtosee Day ago

      Florida is a place I wanted to go for a long time. Pizza is 🤝👌 just have to know how to implement it in a balanced diet.

  • Chuck 555
    Chuck 555 Day ago

    Headed to the Philippines for a week then Bangkok/Phuket for a week. 🍻🕺

  • Xander John Esteban

    Theres a point missing, filipino are way more generous and hositable at any perspective. You can sak them whatever you want, and they intend to help with the best they can come up, with no hesitations and condition.

  • mlg729 Mesina
    mlg729 Mesina Day ago

    Thank you for showing us the majestic Vessel in New York. It was a very beautiful shot of yours of the Vessel. I like the music too.

  • Brooke Gunther

    Yay happy you came to nyc ! I love it here and have lived here since I was 3 years old it is crazy expensive tho too expensive lol but happy to see u enjoyed ur trip and always can learn some thing from ur vlogs !

    AMORPOWERS Day ago

    Your so handsome 😋💓🤗😍😘🤩

    • linguaste
      linguaste Day ago

      Hey, you stole my line 😜

  • mlg729 Mesina
    mlg729 Mesina Day ago

    Do you know why I like Dany as a vlogger? Dany is very intelligent. His vlog is very relevant and informative besides the fact that he is very spontaneous and seamless. I hope more to learn from him by sharing his vlog.

  • Jade Wane
    Jade Wane Day ago

    Shout out broooo


    Thank you again for the tour and for the info, would love to watch more

  • Beautiful flower

    Such lovely

  • Annie Diva
    Annie Diva Day ago

    Nice Edit and Very Nice Content ❤ Keep it up Crush ❤

  • mlg729 Mesina
    mlg729 Mesina Day ago

    Travellers will learn a lot from you Dany. They have to be grateful to you. Keep safe. God bless!

  • teymurahimov's life

    the great life you are living man👍 its good to watch you

  • alpo gwapo
    alpo gwapo Day ago

    Yey! 1st comment., Awesome!

  • 老鍋
    老鍋 Day ago

    I love Filipino marine nature but Thai cuisine is wayyyyyyyyy better than Filipino food.

  • cyh cyhh
    cyh cyhh Day ago

    came to Ipoh In perak, Malaysia. Beautiful City. Historical city. Unique City. the city of nostalgic. Delicious food. I promise you will definitely enjoy it and will never be forgotten

  • Virgiliu Vieru

    Your video seems more like a continuous selfie, mate. l expected to see Odessa and not how you gym, and stuff like that. Very poor presentation.


    Love from Mexico ❤

  • yabrien bang
    yabrien bang Day ago

    I love Thailand, Thailand was my first fave country in Asia, but I will still choose Philippines over Thailand. I'm Filipino btw uwu🥰

  • 123spleege
    123spleege Day ago

    Great vid.....you know it is time to commit to boycotting ANY product advertised proceeding or during videos on RU-clip. You might be looking at something that is sensitive or means something and be blasted with some haphazardly placed pathetic crap product typically making consumers look like complete morons. Don’t buy or subscribe to these bullshit products.

  • Greshman
    Greshman Day ago

    Lady: What kind of bread do you like? You: Oh, I dunno. I’m not sure yet... Lady: You wonder too much! Tell me! You: Wonder bread?

  • Elmehdi Mourziq
    Elmehdi Mourziq 2 days ago

    Hello! Men

  • Gargantuan Tentacles

    I haven't been to Thailand but I have a lot of Thai friends, here in America they're nice and kind. Hospitality are Filipinos biggest assets then there's the language barrier. Thai foods are incredible they invented how to cook seafoods, and they're open minded with LGBTQ+ lots of friends that's the best part of it.

  • Ybbor Q
    Ybbor Q 2 days ago

    Come and visit my country philippines.

  • Se liga ae
    Se liga ae 2 days ago


  • ron wilson
    ron wilson 2 days ago

    Why don't you go to smaller towns and ask these questions?

  • ryckroldan
    ryckroldan 2 days ago

    I hope the contacts u made here in NYC lead to many sponsorships...B&H should sponsor you!

  • Keron penny
    Keron penny 2 days ago

    Amazing so good that your having such a great time😀

  • 卜创欢
    卜创欢 2 days ago


  • 卜创欢
    卜创欢 2 days ago

    I'm like you videos

  • GranTube
    GranTube 2 days ago

    Try Vietnam

  • interesting family origin

    I love that Ukraine women accuracy take pride in their appearance love the Ukraine accent and love that they are decent people.. unlike most of the women in my birth country (neither side of my family origanated from my birth country) in my birth country most women are grumpy don't take pride in their appearance and also in my birth country you can't tell if a woman is straight or a lesbian mind you my birth country's pretty fuck up in my general my birth country isn't normal

  • Ryan Cruz
    Ryan Cruz 2 days ago

    Great editing skills!good luck Danny!

  • Sanket Gupta
    Sanket Gupta 2 days ago

    Nice video

  • Christopher Travina

    I always enjoy watching your vlogs. Travel in New York is totally worth it!

  • Joshua Sicuando
    Joshua Sicuando 2 days ago

    You should visit El nido the next time you visit the Philippine and be ready to get blown away 😊😊

  • Dante Malla
    Dante Malla 2 days ago

    When we say Manila, we mean the capital Manila. Makati & BGC (Pasig) were former municipalities (now cities) of "Metro Manila". Try visiting the different districts of the capital. Malate, Recto, Sta. Ana, Sta. Mesa, Tondo, Quiapo, Sampaloc...etc. These are the real Manila.

  • Phil Hall
    Phil Hall 2 days ago

    Looks like a great happy place to spend the summer.. Beat Russia terroist please

  • Rain Bernardo
    Rain Bernardo 2 days ago

    Our country is so beautiful ♥️

  • Best time
    Best time 2 days ago

    Nice !👍

  • Art Divinagracia
    Art Divinagracia 2 days ago

    Most of them can't speak in English.. I'm been in yuzhny before

  • Khai Morger
    Khai Morger 3 days ago

    7100 islands..

  • barbaraterracciano1

    Dany,Are you going to Egypt?thank you for video you are a great host!handsome devil!🎸

  • adfasd
    adfasd 3 days ago

    Hong Kong lol nope

  • Dariel Ares
    Dariel Ares 3 days ago

    USA is amazing!!!!

  • Anthony Makovietskiy

    love the phrase from Dany "you gotta world to see" Great video! Good luck man!

  • muhammad mutiullah
    muhammad mutiullah 3 days ago

    I want one invitation letter from Ukraine friends i visited Ukraine

  • chess747
    chess747 3 days ago

    Real ladies, not like the pigs here in the West.

    • Cutt Thoatish
      Cutt Thoatish 21 hour ago

      Seriously. Our women’s minds have been hijacked by television. I’m going to Romania in spring. I want to experience a new culture. We’ll see what happens..

  • thearith ran
    thearith ran 3 days ago

    Love your vlog

  • Jesa Amigable
    Jesa Amigable 3 days ago

    New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York! These streets will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you Hear it for New York.

    • Jesa Amigable
      Jesa Amigable 3 days ago

      @Dany #gotaworldtosee 😂😂😂😂 You do both but imaginary voice. . . Good morning to you and good night to me. . . .😉 Keep safe. . .

    • Dany #gotaworldtosee
      Dany #gotaworldtosee 3 days ago

      Not sure if I'm reading a comment or listening to a song Haha 😊🤘🤝

  • Mimi Haney
    Mimi Haney 3 days ago

    which camera do u use for this video ?

  • Tommy Day
    Tommy Day 3 days ago

    I hope you have a good time. Don't forget to do a video in Central Park. Have you thought about a trip to West Point or Niagra Falls? I think you would like both places. So much to see both in the city and state. Thanks for doing these splendid videos. Have a lovely day.

  • Rich Davis
    Rich Davis 3 days ago

    Great content, you meet the nicest people; both locals and tourists.

  • Abil Batman
    Abil Batman 3 days ago

    *Which city next?*

  • Marcos Silva
    Marcos Silva 3 days ago

    extremely good looking guy.

  • Caocao The Black Cat

    Cool, Hudson Yards one of my current project...

  • Althea And Aneeqa Lim

    NYC is very beautiful. Big buildings and amazing architectural design.

  • Berhamin Aharuddin
    Berhamin Aharuddin 3 days ago


  • Berhamin Aharuddin
    Berhamin Aharuddin 3 days ago


  • Native Peace Maker
    Native Peace Maker 3 days ago

    Yes!!! Love NYC!

  • Imelda Neasham
    Imelda Neasham 3 days ago

    Go to Palawan, Phillippines. And, then for sure you'll answer: Phillippines!

  • Ozel Sarvida
    Ozel Sarvida 3 days ago

    Nice vid new subscriber here. Shout out-ozel sarvida -Phillipines

  • Mohammad Jaffar
    Mohammad Jaffar 3 days ago