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  • - Alexmegamind -
    - Alexmegamind - 37 minutes ago

    This man summed up in 3 words THIS IS AMERICA

  • Fares Amari
    Fares Amari 39 minutes ago

    Just bought a pellet grill and will definitely make this for dinner by the end of this week. Cannot Wait!

  • Dane Fredrickson
    Dane Fredrickson 47 minutes ago

    i wish he would say how hot the grill needs to be

  • Jay Hocker
    Jay Hocker 52 minutes ago

    Go vegan! Dislike these videos!

  • Rye P
    Rye P Hour ago

    I generally prefer chicken to steak, however, this looks incredibly delicious.

  • Cvetomir
    Cvetomir Hour ago

    Perfect usually chicken doesn’t taste well is the same flavor, but that looks amazing.

  • Ola Chika
    Ola Chika Hour ago

    You get fatter and fatter

  • Daniel Arellano
    Daniel Arellano Hour ago

    I hate mustard

  • CanadaMMA
    CanadaMMA 2 hours ago

    The thighs are tastiest part of the chicken. Chicken breasts are overrated. Still tasty, but not as good as thighs.

  • Joshua Brock
    Joshua Brock 3 hours ago

    I don’t understand how this man can be such a fountain of knowledge and then goes and sears a steak like an amateur. The cross grill marks look nice but that’s not how you get the best flavor. It makes me skeptical of his other methods. I care much more about taste than the meat looking pretty.

  • albert malej
    albert malej 3 hours ago

    Stop eating ur to faat

  • Sascha K.
    Sascha K. 3 hours ago

    Absolutely Amazing! It's on the list for the week ;-)

  • Lennart
    Lennart 4 hours ago

    We know you can eat the whole thing. You look like it.

  • Daniel Vacca
    Daniel Vacca 4 hours ago

    Looks great Malcom. One more thing; we like to split the sausage lengthwise and mix them in with the peppers and onions for a perfect sandwich that doesn't need anything else.

  • thearmy88ify
    thearmy88ify 4 hours ago

    Wanted to try this but margarine is so bad for you. What can I replace it with??

  • Lee Mialone
    Lee Mialone 4 hours ago

    Did this on my weber, turned out great!

  • Lee Mialone
    Lee Mialone 4 hours ago

    Did this recipe over the weekend, OUTSTANDING results. Corn starch trick worked very well!

  • Josh Morgan
    Josh Morgan 4 hours ago

    That thing looks like my 5-wood

  • Alex Motsko
    Alex Motsko 5 hours ago

    I really enjoy watching your videos. What is the name of your injection system (pump), where can I order one and the cost? Thanks for a mouth watering channel.

    • Alex Motsko
      Alex Motsko 5 hours ago

      I checked your website, but didn't find the injector.

  • Tommy Horton
    Tommy Horton 5 hours ago

    What type grill grate and grill is that Malcom?

  • Kevin Mahon
    Kevin Mahon 6 hours ago

    I am wondering what are the black gloves you are wearing? I need them.

  • Ben Boa
    Ben Boa 6 hours ago

    Everytime you slice that's $20 at a restaurant some even mo

  • ins1337
    ins1337 6 hours ago

    What the hell is Under Armour doing sponsoring fat bbq dudes

  • Berto
    Berto 6 hours ago

    Get a turkey goin!

  • Koto Channel
    Koto Channel 7 hours ago


  • Just Hock-e
    Just Hock-e 9 hours ago

    Where is the macaroni?

  • jimmyfly
    jimmyfly 9 hours ago

    I just got a smoker and you’re one of three guys I’m watching to figure out what to do, and every time you say “let’s git ta cookin” I get giddy. And hungry.

  • COMMANDOS 1897
    COMMANDOS 1897 10 hours ago

    Why Italian meatballs? American meatballs! In Italy no one eats polpette like this, and never happens.

    ISWITCHED 10 hours ago

    I made this recipe last night as he said, with a few little differences. I seasoned the chicken breasts with Tajin, then put them in the oven at 325 for 45 minutes. Added bbq sauce and let them go for another 15 minutes. Then added the bacon and cheese and put them back in for five minutes. Topped off with green onions and then some black bean and corn salsa. I tried to copy with what was available to me at the time, and added something to it.

  • J3M
    J3M 10 hours ago

    Hot damn what time does the heart attack arrive!

  • tibchy144
    tibchy144 11 hours ago

    if nuclear apocalypse ever happens, be sure to stack up on your rub in your bunker

  • Danny Foster
    Danny Foster 11 hours ago

    Beautiful steak man

  • slash2jimi
    slash2jimi 12 hours ago

    Burnt it.

  • Jim Rinard
    Jim Rinard 12 hours ago

    SON! My lands!

  • X pooRS
    X pooRS 13 hours ago

    dang you americans are fat youll be dead in 5 years

  • Kevin
    Kevin 16 hours ago

    2:13 Where's your shot?

  • Sam Dyer
    Sam Dyer 16 hours ago

    I wish this guy was my neighbor.

  • Alvin
    Alvin 17 hours ago

    I'm hungry 😆

  • CallardAndBowser
    CallardAndBowser 17 hours ago

    I only like salt and black pepper on my steak. I want to taste the beef and nothing else to ruin it like glazes or rubs. And Heaven forbid any garlic!

  • whydoIneedtodothis
    whydoIneedtodothis 18 hours ago

    Dude with cool southern accent, love of red meat and Jack Daniels, and uses the black nylon BBQ gloves...I'm subbed!

  • Miguel Rubio
    Miguel Rubio 18 hours ago

    Can I go en help you try the meat too for the next videos?🥺

  • phil Flanery
    phil Flanery 18 hours ago

    0:10 he rips ass lmao

  • Robert Olvera
    Robert Olvera 19 hours ago

    If I was a vegetarian after watching this video I would start eating meat again. Awesome video keep them coming

  • Leatriece Franklin
    Leatriece Franklin 19 hours ago

    Can you make smoked chicken

  • Mann Stanford
    Mann Stanford 19 hours ago

    I hit the Like and Share Before the Vid Start cause I know my Man Malcolm ain't Playing!!

  • Paul Neale
    Paul Neale 20 hours ago

    Looks FANTASTIC, Malcom. I got a charcoal grill so I’ll have to do the indirect cooking method for the chicken breast, correct?

  • Bryan Waters
    Bryan Waters 20 hours ago

    looks good... but i would recommend not pressing the steak while on the grill, it forces out the juices.

  • Daddy Three Legs
    Daddy Three Legs 20 hours ago

    Why would you cut the wrapping part???

  • chris brennan
    chris brennan 20 hours ago

    Looks so good!!! Going to try this one for sure.

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special 20 hours ago

    Don't know why I watch these, I don't even own a smoker...

  • Jim Hyler
    Jim Hyler 21 hour ago

    I can’t find the unsliced slab. Do you think making cubes of sliced thick cut put on skewers would work ok

  • merley kimani
    merley kimani 21 hour ago

    This is making hungry !

  • mongoosevsgt
    mongoosevsgt 21 hour ago

    1.5k skinny angry people

  • William Buckley
    William Buckley 21 hour ago

    Just finished making these for the family! Definitely a hit! We will be making these again!

  • Michael Lattea
    Michael Lattea 21 hour ago

    Just made this for the family and it was EXCELLENT! Thank you Malcolm for another GREAT recipe.

  • MrStacy G.
    MrStacy G. 21 hour ago

    No Wonder why your so damn fat.

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J 21 hour ago

    Good job. Looks delicious The juice and blood flowing off after each cut just about gave me a boner.

  • Colin
    Colin 22 hours ago

    4:43 My God that's clean

  • Benito Garcia
    Benito Garcia 22 hours ago

    I like your style. Smooth and very appetizing

  • mike amos
    mike amos 23 hours ago

    First time watching podcast Excellent Keep it up Thx

  • Catherine Harris
    Catherine Harris 23 hours ago

    Oh man 👨! This looks amazing! 😲 I gotta try this!!

  • Joe Robinson
    Joe Robinson Day ago

    Nice crocs Malcolm, I wear the exact ones when I'm Q'n.

  • Clarissa Gilchrist

    Now thats how you make a potatoe salad!!!! Looks delicious!!! Yummmyyyy now im bout to make me some to go with some southern fried pork chops!!! Thank u for this southern style dish!!!

  • robert Chin
    robert Chin Day ago

    Rule for first dates 2:16 this man likes to come trimmed and ready to go.

  • Chris Cuevas
    Chris Cuevas Day ago

    Great recipe ! Thank you sir !

  • Luigi Cimmino
    Luigi Cimmino Day ago

    Mamma mia🤦‍♂️😍

  • siddhesh murudkar


  • velexis92
    velexis92 Day ago

    you should start selling these sauces and glazes i would diff buy

  • Acres ninety
    Acres ninety Day ago

    Will this same method work for drumsticks?

  • Ritesh kumar
    Ritesh kumar Day ago

    mote mrega tu ab

  • obZidianZ06
    obZidianZ06 Day ago

    Lol : "im good for a ten piece!" Sub'd.. lets gooo!

  • Hinds15
    Hinds15 Day ago

    Man I love this at tgi fridays

  • Sam Choy
    Sam Choy Day ago


  • Stephen Loflin

    I stick my probe between 2 breasts on occasion.

  • crazy DRUNKy
    crazy DRUNKy Day ago

    Who uses gloves to bbq?

  • Kaiylah Wallace

    Where do you keep all these grills 😂😂😂

  • bill mares
    bill mares Day ago

    Awesome how to. Getting ready to put one in the smoker. Thanks, Malcom.

    BILL GATES Day ago

    Makes me hungry

  • Blak Dice
    Blak Dice Day ago

    So looking for some advice. I see various cuts of steak requiring butter to help keep moist. Is it correctt that ribeye's do not need this?

  • Trelly Da God
    Trelly Da God Day ago

    I could never bbq my chicken right because i could never judge if it was done so once the color was right i would put it in the the oven

  • Trelly Da God
    Trelly Da God Day ago

    Man i love this show

  • Bevin Armstrong

    Best rib recipe ever! Thank you so much!

  • Señor Jalapeño

    It's so fucking cringey to watch this dude eat....

  • Jeffrey Dutra
    Jeffrey Dutra Day ago

    At 5:48 you added poultry seasonings to the melted butter. Can you tell me what you used please?

  • Ronald Carr
    Ronald Carr Day ago

    I am having trouble finding my recipe for my wings into it took pepper garlic powder chille powder onion powder and salt but how much do I use help

  • Stephen Loflin

    I worked at "Quincys" way back in the day when they actually had a meat cutter that did all the steaks....I would buy whole sirloins and have him cut to my specs......miss that guy he died of sleep apnea.

  • A. Doran
    A. Doran Day ago

    I stopped watching right after the first injection. In my book, this is cheating.

  • Beast J
    Beast J Day ago

    Vinegar sauce, hot sauce, brother you need some WEIGHT LOSS 💯

  • jordan dreams
    jordan dreams Day ago

    I just LICKED my screen I want some so bad😭😭

  • Domingo Alabaso

    This is like a american version of lechon from the Philippines

  • GasFromMyAnus I0I

    now thats a man who knows his chicken

  • Shawn Fahoum
    Shawn Fahoum Day ago

    You know them burn ins taste spectacular when your fingers move like that 12:50

  • Ed Cox
    Ed Cox Day ago

    If I'd have known you were cooking sushi I would have never come to this site and watch you cook SEC that's an insult those are not steaks I don't know where you buy your meat that's stupid take this video now and throw it away

  • Ed Cox
    Ed Cox Day ago

    First of all if you or any kind of barbecue that you would know those little tiny chubs and meet you got is not a damn steak stop going to Walmart is buying a stick you need to get your ass to a farm where they got real stick those things are at least nine inches wide and got a piece of bone in it

  • Ed Cox
    Ed Cox Day ago

    The best you can do is get those steaks the hell out of that house n***** want to stake has been stored in the house as nasty but I'll watch your show

  • Ed Cox
    Ed Cox Day ago

    I'm just asking how do you compare yourself to BBQ Pit Boys. C o m

  • Charlie87
    Charlie87 Day ago

    Damn that looks good. That steak will give me some gains. I'll skip on the potato to much fat.

  • Abhishek Prajapati

    two small pigs infront of a big boar

  • Kieran Brennan

    Hey. Trying your method. I have a 4 burner bbq. The rack furthest away from the single burner was still cold after two hours. Is my bbq just not upto it?

  • Ryan Hicks
    Ryan Hicks Day ago

    I made two pans tonight for my Halloween party. It was a total hit. None left over. Hell yeah!!!!